Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of Confused2Move.com

Buying or selling should be a trouble free pleasant experience resulting in both buyer and seller saving money.

Confused2move do not charge either the buyer or seller any commission payment in any shape or form for any property purchase transaction.

Confused2move is a property related web based lisitng site, owners of property use their own wording, photos, pricing.

Confused2move do not take part in any transaction between buyer and seller and cannot be accountable for any loss or harm suffered by an individual or company.

Confused2move do not verify the seller or buyer and strongly recommend that both buyer and seller use legal advice within the country that the property is located.

Confused2move cannot act as a regulator or referee for either buyer or seller.

Confused2move is a property listing/advertising site, the details of a property including photographs are direct from the advertiser/property owner.

Any advertiser on the website of confused2move is an independent company that you may choose to contact or conclude business with directly and payment or contractual obligation you enter into will be direct with them and not controlled or authorised buy confused2move.

Confused2move payments are based on the use of the listing site displaying the owners property in six months increments (calendar month), the start of the six months advertising is from the date that the property is displayed, the owner has the right to delete their property from the web site at any time however confused2move do not reimburse the advertiser any outstanding months (part payment)

Confused2move have the right to offer speacial offers/marketing activities which have no implications to exisiting advertisers/users of the website unless stated by confused2move. 

Any special offers are based on the date given for the start of the offer and the closing date, if the property is displayed before the end of the closing date then the owner will enjoy the benefits of that special offer, if there is a special offer that starts the following month then existing clients can not take the opportunity of changing their six month contract obligation as stated on this information page unless stated by confused2move.

Confused2move cannot be held responsible for interruptions of service due to closing of web/search by either terrorist or political motivation.

If a listing/advert includes offensive, insulting wording/text and or photographs confused2move have the right to remove such information, or ask the advertiser to change their information, or delete the offensive details and or advert/listing without compensation.

All listings are for private property, no other product or service can be advertise on this site without consent, no company or induviduel can advertise or promote a company or other website without prior consent.

Confused2move have the right to refuse to list any information that it feels is not in the best interest of the public or owners/share holders of www.confused2move.com Ltd (company number) 8659100 reg in Engalnd and Wales 



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